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Based in Sacramento, we have immediate access to California’s legislators, regulators, and policymakers that influence our clients’ highly-regulated businesses. Whether you’re a health clinic, a senior living community, a cannabis entrepreneur, or medtech startup, we will help you understand the legal requirements of your vertical and manage your risk within the marketplace. We further serve clients by leveraging our network of business service professionals to deliver value beyond legal matters. 


Spectrum of Care

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Mental + Behavioral Health

Cannabis + HEMP

Health Tech Startups


Nonprofit Organizations


Practice Areas


Business Transactions

Whether you’re buying, selling or merging your business, we have deep expertise in strategic transactions. We’ll guide you every step of the way from due diligence until closing to ensure your transaction is met with success.

Commercial Contracting

Contracts are the lifeblood of any business and we know commercial agreements from the preamble to the signature line. We work with clients to create a suite of commercial agreements that will protect their company from risk throughout the entire supply chain. 

Corporate Governance

Working with boards of directors on corporate strategy and governance is a key component of our counsel. We understand the delicate interplay between directors and managers and help clients craft bylaws and governing documents that advance their business.


Regulatory Law

Regardless of industry, our clients share a common trait: they are involved in highly-regulated sectors that require laser-focused attention to compliance. We safeguard clients from complex federal and state legal regulations and defend them in government investigations of alleged non-compliance.

Tax-exempt Analysis

Though tax-exempt entities do not pay income tax, nonprofits often struggle with the many applications and reporting requirements to maintain tax-exempt status. We understand the unique challenges facing nonprofit corporations and help them anticipate administrative demands so they can focus on executing their exempt mission. 

Tax Planning

Smart corporate structuring depends on informed tax advice. Our attorneys are trained to advise businesses and their equity owners in selecting the best entity choice to achieve their operational goals, while adhering to federal and state tax laws.  


Flexible pricing to meet your needs



Periodic Model

Track hours or days for billable time.
Good fit for a la carte legal services.


Project Based Model

Flat-rate billing tied to specific legal project.
Good fit for clearly identifiable deliverables.


Retainer-Based Model

Monthly, flat-rate retainer fee.
Good fit for repeatable or commoditized work.